Hey there welcome to hardcorehomemaker.com. My name is Lori and I’m a stay at home wife and mom. My husband is Mark and my boys are Zachary and Levi.


When we started our family we knew that we wanted for me to stay at home with the children. We also knew all along that we were planning to homeschool. We have had to make sacrifices along the way to make it happen. With only one income money can be tight.

Our children are growing and I have been desiring to do something for myself. I never really want to go back to a regular job but I do want to work from home. I have tried network marketing or MLM companies and failed miserably! More than once, I guess I learn the hard way. I am a true introvert and the style of MLM just does not work for me. I panic at the thought of cold messaging people. Small talk causes me to have panic attacks, so the idea of walking up to strangers to sell them something is out of the question.

That led me to the idea of starting a blog and I am curious to see where it leads. I love to make food from scratch and I also enjoy making homemade cleaners. I have tried making some homemade beauty products as well. I am results oriented so if something doesn’t work I either find another recipe or go back to store bought. My husband calls me a hippie and that’s okay with me. I would be considered kind of crunchy I suppose. Natural remedies would be my first choice but I still use OTC’s on occasion.


People often express to me the struggles they face in regards to Meal planning,  homeschooling or finding non-toxic cleaning or beauty products. Or even how to source quality ingredients and feed nutritious meals to their families. Because I enjoy reading and researching I believe that I can help others to make informed decisions.

I absolutely love seeing people reach their goals and growing in success. There is something magical in watching others become their best selves.


The goal of hardcorehomemaker.com is to empower people to acheive the balance in their family life that they desire. My hope is to make it easy for my audience to cook nutritious food, meal plan and manage a household.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Lori Brubacher