Often when women become mothers we start to neglect our own needs. Being responsible for the needs and care of a helpless tiny human can be all consuming as well as exhausting.

That is why self care for stay at home moms is vitally important. In order to properly take charge of the needs of others you must take care of yourself.


Be sure to get enough rest and sleep, parenting can be stressful. Not getting enough sleep can lead to more stress. Take care of your physical body through proper diet and exercise. You don’t have to over do it, but move your body in some way every day.

Stay properly hydrated by drinking enough water. Try to eat a well balanced diet, get enough protein, fat (good fat) vitamins and minerals. It is okay to indulge in a treat once in awhile but try not to overdo it as bad habits are too easily formed.

Spend some time every day taking care of your grooming needs. Have a bath or shower, develpop a skin care routine if you don’t already have one. If you enjoy wearing makeup take a few minutes to apply some. Put on some perfume if you like it. Whatever it is that you need to feel confident and beautiful.


Self care for the mind includes things like elminating negative self talk and replacing it with positve affirmations. Instead of telling yourself “I could never do that” try something like “I am learning the skills I need to do that” Never stop learning, read, listen to a podcast. Take a class, either online or in person. Go to a workshop to learn something you’ve always longed to learn.

Find a hobby that you enjoy or take up a hobby that you used to love and gave up on due to time constraints. Believe that you are worth the time, because you are. You are the most important person in the lives of your children and they need and deserve to have you at your best.

Start writing in a journal, or on a blog. Find a creative outlet for yourself, there are many different creative arts to choose from. Painting, baking, learning to cook a different style of cuisine. Writing poetry, playing piano or another instrument of choice. Choose whichever activities speak to you.


The soul according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “the moral and emotional nature of human beings” that is not the full definition. But for the purpose of this discussion that is the appropriate definition. There is some overlap in this category, the creative things that are good for your mind are also good for the soul.

Expressing gratitude daily is also good for the soul. Taking time to reflect upon the blessings in your life and the things you are thankful for can be immensely rewarding. Take time at the end of each day to debrief from your day. Enjoy a cup of tea and meditate upon the day, what was good about the day?

What would you change about it if you had control over it? Don’t stress about the things you can’t change. Focus on the things that you do have control of. The purpose here is to create routines that are nourishing to you.


According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the spirit is defined as “the immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person” Some believe that the soul and the spirit are one in the same. My understanding is that the soul includes your mind, will and emotions, and the spirit is the deepest part of self.

To care for the spirit you can engage in prayer or meditation. Spending time in nature can also be so refreshing, basically anything that allows you time to quiet yourself and recharge.

Using aromatherapy can also be helpful, essential oil diffusers, scented candles or incense are all ways to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Building community is also so important to our spiritual and overall health. Everyone has a desire and a need to belong somewhere.

Surrounding ourselves with people who love and accept us for who we are is of utmost importance. Close friends who we can share our secrets and dreams with are so invaluable.

Each component is equally important. We can be out of balance in any of these areas and I think it is wise to take inventory of where we are at and then work to bring all of these areas into alignment.

Create A Daily Routine

Next step is to put this all together, choose some things you love from each category and decide how you can add them into your daily routine. In order to be truly fulfilled I believe we need to be balanced. Our body, mind, soul and spirit are all equally important and play a vital role in overall health.

Take some time to evaluate how you’re taking care of yourself in all of these areas. Choose either the easiest thing to address first, or the area the most needs help. The idea here is success so try to choose something attainable. Small steps that bring lasting success are better than big steps that you can’t keep up with.

Once you have decided which area you desire to start with you can make a list of possible ideas to implement. For example if you chose body as a start point your list could include go to bed by ten, join a gym, enroll in a karate class, take a 15-minute walk daily etc. You certainly do not need to do everything on the list, just find something that you would enjoy and best fits your routine/lifestyle.

Once you have found your rhythm in one area you can start on the next item that needs work. Use the same process for each new habit you wish to incorporate into your daily life.

Using baby steps to get to where you aim to be is a great way to build momentum and have lasting success. I would love to celebrate your success with you. I have several areas that I need to work on myself. Probably first on my list is body, we are getting a puppy soon and I hope that will get me outside more!

Let’s connect and share ideas, let me know what your goals are. We can support one another on our journeys.